About CTR

The Metropolitan Copenhagen Heating Transmission Company, CTR for short, is a partnership formed in 1984 by the municipalities of Frederiksberg, Gentofte, Gladsaxe, Copenhagen and Tårnby.

CTR has the objective of supplying the individual recipient municipalities and local heat supply enterprises with district heating, primarily based on surplus heat from waste incineration plants and combined heat and power generation plants (CHP plants). Oil-fired heating plants are only used in peak-load and/or back-up situations.

CTR's assignments cover the purchase of heat from production units, heat generation in its own peak-load and back-up units, transport through the transmission system and sales to the five Partnership Municipalities, as well as the exchange of heat with Vestegnens Kraftvarmeselskab I/S (VEKS). Moreover, CTR is in charge of the planning, establishment, funding and further development of the entire transmission system. Finally, CTR participates as an associate by investing in and operating a geothermal facility in Amager, from which facility heat is also received.

CTR is responsible for developing and operating the transmission system – a 54 km transmission network, 3 booster pump stations, 14 peak-load units and 27 heat-exchanger stations – from which the heat is transmitted to the local district heating systems in the partnership municipalities.

CTR's objective is to purchase, transport and supply district heating and in special situations to supplement this by production of heat from its own peak-load units. The heat is transported in a transmission system that is owned by CTR. Heat consumers in CTR's partnership municipalities – Frederiksberg, Gentofte, Gladsaxe, Copenhagen and Tårnby – meet their heating requirements through CTR via the utilization of excess heat from refuse incineration plants and CHP plants, etc.

Heat purchase, monitoring and delivery are managed from CTR's control room in Frederiksberg via an extended control, regulation and monitoring system.

District heating CTR supplies heat to 250,000 households in the municipalities of Frederiksberg, Gentofte, Gladsaxe, Copenhagen and Tårnby. This corresponds to just under 10 per cent of the total heating requirement in Denmark.